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Demitiu-se John Ashcroft, o ministro da justiça americano, que entre seus feitos conta ter perdido a disputa pro senado, para um oponente que morreu antes da eleição, gasto 8000 dólares pra pôr roupa nas estátuas do seu ministério, e a música "let the mighty eagle sooooooooooooar." É o primeiro a mudar, no novo ministério Bush. O substituto não é boa notícia - pode não ser um fanático religioso como Ashcroft, que se fazia ungir e mandava todo mundo rezar com ele, mas...

Mr Gonzales will oversee US anti-trust investigations and corporate crime cases, and his appointment is likely to be greeted favourably by US companies. After studying law at Harvard in 1982, he went to work for Vinson & Elkins, a large Texas law firm. He compiled a strong pro-business record in his stint on the Texas Supreme Court.

He is certain to face tough questioning at his Senate confirmation hearings. As White House counsel, he wrote a 2002 memo advising Mr Bush to deny Geneva convention rights to prisoners in the war on terrorism. After the Abu Ghraib prison-abuse scandal earlier this year, memos also surfaced in which Justice Department lawyers advised Mr Gonzales that prohibitions against torture of detainees could be loosened without breaking US or international laws.
(Financial Times)

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