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Mais de uma fonte, do governo e do empresariado, à direita ou à esquerda, já disse, como Benjamin Steinbruch, que devemos nos orgulhar de nossas companhias multinacionais.

A Gerdau, por exemplo, me enche de orgulho. Além de patrocinar (com incentivo fiscal) o "Instituto da Liberdade" randiano, ela tem uma atuação internacional digna da Union Carbide, ou da 3M nos bons tempos da Pinkerton.

Gerdau's lack of interest in building a healthy, constructive
relationship with its employees and their unions, has been evident for many
years. Recent actions by Gerdau in Beaumont, Texas and in Colombia confirm
that Gerdau continues to try to implement an anti-union agenda.
Gerdau's lock-out of employees at Beaumont, Texas is a cynical management
attempt to force members of USW Local 8586 into a concessionary, sub-standard
collective agreement. Management's "best and final offer" strips overtime
protection from employees; reduces vacations and cuts vacation pay; gives
management new rights to unilaterally combine, change or eliminate jobs;
imposes a new job classification system; allows supervisors to do bargaining
unit work with no penalty; reduces group insurance benefits; and introduces a
kind of two-tier wage system.


In Colombia, Gerdau has recently reached agreement to acquire steelmaking
and service facilities in Tuta, Cali, Boyaca, Muna, and Bogota. Any attempt by
Gerdau to implement its anti-union philosophy in the Colombian facilities is
misguided and unacceptable. In a country wracked by violence, and in
particular anti-union violence, Gerdau's failure to take immediate and
decisive action to protect trade union leaders is simply inexcusable. Various
trade union leaders have had death threats for their union activity. At least
one trade union leader has been forced into exile

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