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Announced today, the Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Indexis the first analytical ranking of the world’s nation brands. Each quarter, the Index led by nation brands expert, Simon Anholt, polls consumers from the GMI worldwide five million-strong market research panel on their perceptions of the cultural, political, commercial and human assets, investment potential and tourist appeal of several countries. This adds up to a clear measurement of national brand power, and a unique barometer of global opinion.

Among the key findings of the first Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index are:

Ø Sweden is the overall winner. The USA came fourth together with Germany. A relatively low ranking for the USA could be explained by deep unpopularity of US foreign policy which is dragging down positive perceptions about trade, exports, investment and popular culture.

Ø The UK came second. Although not as highly rated as a producer of products, it scores well as a tourist destination and on popular culture. The highest rated asset of Brand Britain, however, is the British people. Governance is well rated too, with the UK government described as “trustworthy” in stark contrast to the US government which is described as “dangerous” and “dishonest”.

Ø The struggling nation brands are Russia and Turkey behind China and India. Turkey’s position at the bottom of the index appears to be down to few people having a direct experience and thus any strong opinion on the country, whereas Russia has a great deal to disprove or remedy before it can overturn negative opinions and acquire positive brand attributes

Nation brand is an important concept in today’s world. Globalisation means that countries compete with each other for the attention, respect and trust of investors, tourists, consumers, donors, immigrants, the governments of other nations and the media: so a powerful and positive nation brand provides a crucial competitive advantage. It is essential for countries, both rich and poor, to understand how they are seen by publics around the world; how their achievements and failures, their assets and their liabilities, their people and their products are reflected in their brand image.

O questionário só perguntava sobre 10 países. Eles são, pela ordem de preferência do consumidor,

1. Sweden

2. UK

3. Italy

4. Germany

4. USA

5. Japan

6. China

7. India

8. South Korea

9. Russia

10 Turkey

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